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It's a good thing doc_sophie talked to me, it's been ages since I wrote a proper entry. :)

These days have been like the worst of the whole year. All my best friends are out of town so I'm stuck in the house.

My friend Hrisa, (she is like a best friend) is not in Thessaloniki. Her boyfriend Dimitris , who is also a good friend has been talking to me the whole time she's been absent(about 10 days). [The thing is, Hrisa has a problem with her father, they actually had a fight because he found out she's been with Dimitris. (He wouldn't let her go out , not even with friends. ) So, the situation is a bit difficult but they've been together for like 10 months now.]Dimitris has been telling me how much he misses her and stuff. They usually talked on the phone for about 10 minutes and it was enough for him, as long as they talked every day. On Thursday she didn't call him. Neither on Friday, yesterday or today. And he's been driving me crazy, texting me ALL THE TIME. I've had like100 text messages from him since yesterday. Texts like" I want Hrisa" , "I'll die"," Please call her", "She still didn't call", "what if she doens't want to call me?", "Do you think sth's happend to her?", " I can't anymore, Marialena, my eyes hurt from crying, i can't, i'll go crazy, why doesn't she call?".
Today at around 4 a.m. I told him i'd call her mum this morning. And I woke up at 10 o'clock to call her but she didn't pick up. I told him so. I went back to sleep. Two hours later Dimtris started calling. He called me EIGHT times. EIGHT. And i didn't pick up. And then he texted me. And i didn't answer. I talked with Hrisa about an hour ago and told her about it. She was pissed. She wants to break up with him because he's been doing that to her, too. He's really compulsive to her. So, today she's returning to Thessaloniki and is going to call him.

My point: I really can't talk to him anymore. He's mood has been rubbing of on me, that's why. I've always thought of myself like a caring person, and I've always been beside my friends when they needed someone. But this was beyond my patience.. I wasn't well these days either, and when I told Dimitris to stop texting me things like that he just ignored me and continued.

And I'm still waiting for a phone call from a guy(We made out like 5 months ago). And he knows him. That guy,he rang me yesterday and i was asleep and then i called him and he didn't pick up. I really want to know what he wanted. :(

Anyway. Tomorrow, I'm going to my village. I'll be able to go online until Wednesday because then I'll be going to my other village and I don't think i'll find an internet connection there to check my lj. :(

That's all for today, flist. :)

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